Iran Tours with Omidan Travel

Wonderland is just a tiny part of the great tourism concept of Iran, where is considered as one of the most reputablenew destinations all over the world. The more to explore Iran, the more to  consider it as an awesome and untouched destination which will amaze you by rendering some breathtaking memorable monuments. It’s not that exaggerating to consider Iran as one of the only world’s destinations with a great wide range of attractions, from the ancient and historical monuments and world heritage sites to the brilliant natural attractions. As an Iranian tour operator rendering an extended range of tours and travel experiences, Omidan Travel, is honored to inform you different tour types powered by it’s expert team.

Iran is known to be the cradle of Persian civilization, one of the world’s most developed ancient  residences of the world locating within the current Iran; this is why this specific country is embracing some of the most rare historical monuments all over the world. Counting on 21 cultural UNESCO World Heritage Sites spread out within the different parts of the country, Iran is where to find the rare evidences of a shining historical record over more than 2500 years .

Less known than cultural and historical attractions, Iran possesses an undeniably awesome natural features within different parts of the country. From the evergreen forests located in the vicinity of the Caspian Sea, to the hottest point of the world located inside an entirely mysterious desert of Iran; from the best ski resort of the Middle-East located in the vicinity of Tehran, Dizin ski resort, to the sandy beaches located among the Persian Gulf; Iran will amaze you by an extraordinary extended variety of natural breathtaking attractions.

To be recognized as the home of different tribes, some still nomadic, Iran is where to be accustomed with an entirely traditional lifestyle which is so exclusive to this wonderland. Omidan Travel is honored to provide an exclusive travel experience to explore the most highlighted Iranian Nomadic Tribes within different parts of the country , who are still living within the traditional black tents.

As one of the most well-known tourism features of Iran, Persian food ,also known as Iranian food, has universal fame. Omidan Travel is honored to provide some rare culinary tours, food tours, which will let you know taste the best and most highlighted delicious foods among different parts of the country, in addition to the learn how to cook some specific Persian foods.

Counting on a brilliant historical record more than 2500 years, Iran was an important strategic location throughout the whole historical former ages; this is why this marvelous country was home of different type of people among different religions. Islamic holy shrines, highlighted Christians churches and Zoroastrians fire temples within different types of the country are the most components of religious tours to Iran for Muslims, Christians and Zoroastrians.

As an Iranian tour operator which is specifically providing tailor made tours and travel services, Omidan Travel is honored to respect the clients in a way to let them decide about their specific travel to Iran. Our expert travel consultants are so eager to share you the whole useful information about Iran in order to help you decide about your travel experience better and better ; so, just let us know your specific requirements, we will make it a real experience.