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 You may have asked yourself piles of if questions about your future travel to Iran, What will happen If’ve got sick?, what will happen If I’ve face a major illness? And so on.

Although all of your concerns are so acceptable, but as your host in Iran, Omidan Travel is honored to make you sure about any probable type of problems as we’re supporting you within the whole trip. In addition, we’re providing really severe travel insurances which will cover the whole of problems with bulky services to be covered. Since 2011, possessing a travel insurance has become a MUST to obtain the Iran Tourist Visa; this is why you should buy a travel insurance for your Iran trip from a reliable Iranian/non Iranian travel insurance company, otherwise it should be bought at the airport which will arrive at.


What are the coverages provided with Iranian Travel Insurances?


  1. Treatment Expenses’ Refund including Medical surgeries or poisoning
  2. Home repatriate in case of death or hospitalization
  3. Assistance and the legal supports
  4. Assistances in case of luggages’ or personal documents (like passport) loss

Although Iran has many companies providing insurance services, just “Saman Insurance Company” and “ Iran Insurance Company” are rendering the most comprehensive type of supportive services to incoming travelers to Iran. In order to be more aware of insurance types of Iranian companies, just notice that the rates are different from various durations and various ages. In order to be informed of the rates of iran travel insurances, just take a look at the below table.





Under 12


66 – 70


80 – more

0 – 7 Days






8 – 15 Days






16 – 30 Days






31 – 45 Days






46 – 62 Days






63 – 92 Days







As mentioned before, “Saman Insurance Company” is considered as one of the most pioneers of rendering travel insurances to incoming tourists to Iran. So, it’ll be better to be aware of the services which are being rendered:


Medical and Health Insurance

  1. The costs of receipting, admittance and hospitalization (Up to 10,000 Euro)


  1. Transfer to the closest Health Care Centers in case of an accident or disease.


  1. Providing the patient with emergency ground ambulance and air medical services. (Up to 5,500 Euro)


  1. Dentistry emergency remedy costs (Up to 200 Euro)


  1. Repatriation and Returning of corpse (In case of death of insured person during the travel)


  1. Travel cost for a person, next of kin, to accompany the insured person, in case of hospitalization more than 10 days ( without any limits)


  1. Returning cost for the insured person, in case of severe health problem or death, if the passenger is not able to use his/her own departure flight (Without limit)


  1. Legal and judiciary guidance


  1. Legal Assistance and Consultancy (Up to 250 Euro)


  1. Guidance and helping with loss of documents and ID cards (Up to 200 Euro)


  1. Baggages’ loss (Up to 150 Euro)


If you’re enough informed of the coverages by Saman Insurance Company, just send an inquiry to “ Omidan Travel” online agents in order to be provided with your desired type of insurance.


Have you ever asked yourself about how to be rendered with a free saman travel insurance for your trip to Iran?


Omidan Travel is honored to provide you with FREE travel insurance to the whole clients who has bought a full tour package including the whole desired services; not only the travel insurance, but also the visa application process. It means that the only expense of your Iran Tourist Visa is the governmental fee that you should pay at the embassy, the rest of expenses which are considered as the expenses of application form and the visa process in addition to the travel insurance will be free of charge for those who have bought us an entire tour package.

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