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The more to think about how to pass the whole pre-flight procedures, the more to recognize the undeniable importance CIP services. For those who are looking for an entirely calm and comfortable atmosphere within the crowded airports which are as stressful as possible, na exclusive part is allocated to render really different services.


By increasing the number of international travelers to Iran, the majority of international airports have started to dedicate an exclusive terminal to provide some special services to some special people, in a way that the travelers can spend the last times before the flight with their companions within a pleasant circumstance of without any concerns of doing the ordinary airport’s procedures. Although there is no real online system to book your desired CIP service, “Omidan Travel” is honored to render the services within an entirely full-supported process. You can just send us an inquiry and our specialists will respond you as soon as possible to book your desired service.


The majority of Iranian international airports within the major touristic cities of Iran, including Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan & Mashhad, has a specific terminal for this type of services, but the most equipped, modern and facilitated one is located in Imam khomeini International Airport of Tehran. Regards to inform you the whole identity of this type of services which is rendering by Omidan Travel, this article is prepared including rare useful information about Iran’s greatest CIP section.



CIP Terminal of IKA Airport

 CIP Lodge of IKA (Imam Khomeini International Airport) is the known as the most equipped CIP Terminal of the whole country of Iran which has been founded within an extent of 7,000 square meter through 3 stages in order to provide different type of services within an entirely pleasant atmosphere to both arrival and departure travelers of this international airport. Within this terminal, the travelers can spend time before departure flights and after arrival ones, with their companions without any concerns of doing the ordinary procedures of the airport like receiving the boarding card, to deliver the baggages and to use a buffet restaurant.


CIP services, means the more time to save for any meetings or to be relax before the flights, so when it’s available, why don’t you let yourself to enjoy the more of your trip at the beginning?


CIP services of IKA Airport


  • Providing transportation services to passenger from/ to the airport by special cars.
  • Providing specific transportation services till the entrance of airplane stairs.
  • Providing high quality food and drinks within a luxurious coffee shop which is also rendering a wide range of sweets, salads and deserts to the guests of CIP terminal.
  • Providing high quality persian foods within the buffet type both to the travelers and companions.
  • Receiving the boarding card without any waiting in lines.
  • Doing the whole required procedures of Airport Visa collection and receiving/ delivering the baggages by the CIP department specialists.
  • Passing through the special inspection gates of police and customs duties.
  • Providing with luxurious stores with the most reliable international and domestic brands.
  • Providing with wireless internet in addition to the specific section to use computers.
  • Specific bank offices to do any desired baking tasks for the travelers.
  • Specific room to smoke.
  • Proving store to buy high quality Iranian nuts, leather, handicrafts and Caviar.
  • Providing specific conference halls to be used for any desired meetings.
  • Special suites for any desired temporary accommodation.


The way to book your desired CIP services in Iran, is to be in direct touch with an Iranian reliable tour operator and travel agency, just like “Omidan Travel”. Just decide of what you require, our specialists will provide you with the best possible services and the most usefull information.


In addition, “Omidan Travel” is honored to provide the travelers with VIP services for the city tours or the other types of required travel services in Iran, so don’t hesitate to send us any probable inquiries about this specific matters.

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