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As one of the most important parts of any travel to the astonishing Iran, “Omidan Travel” is going to share it’s 20 years experience, in order to help you enjoy more throughout your whole travel. Before explaining different types of Iran Hotels, it is really to be aware of the fact that, there is no real online booking in Iran which is embracing the whole Iran hotels like “”, this is why Iran travelers should be in direct touch with an Iranian reliable travel agency or tour operator , like “Omidan Travel”, in order to book the desired hotel. Iran is one of the most highlighted tourism destinations of the Middle-East within the past century, this why hotelier industry is not that young in this awesome country. The majority of most touristic cities of Iran like , Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Mashhad & etc are embracing a bulky number of hotels which are providing different types of services to the travelers.

In general, Iran’s hotels can be categorized into two different stages which are mentioned as, “The Modern Hotels”, “The Traditional Hotels(Boutique Houses)”. These two types of hotels are located within different Iranian cities while embracing different type of services which are comprehensively explained within the following part.


The Modern Hotels

By possessing a really wide range of diversity, from 5 star great hotels to 1 star cheap ones, Modern Hotels in Iran are the majority type. This specific type of hotels is spread out within the whole parts of the vast country of Iran by providing the ordinary services of a hotel, like in Europe. Just notice that, although Iranian hotels have been classified based on the international hotelier standards, the quality of the services are lower than the international destinations you’ve experienced before. For example the 5 star hotels of Iran are providing the services equivalent to 4 star hotels within the pioneer countries in Hotelier industry’ so, be so careful while requesting for your desired hotel in Iran. The best modern hotels of Iran are located in the most highlighted tourism destinations of the country, Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Mashhad and Tabriz while the other parts of the country are also possessing the modern hotels.

Although Iran has many hotels within different types and styles, the travelers have faced with severe problems to find availability in the modern hotels through the high seasons or the crowded seasons of Iran tourism, it means that the number of Iran hotels is not sufficient to the growing number of tourists who are coming to Iran; this is why you should send the request for booking hotels in Iran 2 month before the travel date, at least, in order not to face any problems to book the hotels.

By shining years of experience working with the whole Iran hotels, Omidan Travel is honored to be in direct touch and having partnership contracts with the majority of Iranian hotels to provide the best possible services to the clients while presenting rare discounts, even in high seasons.

The Traditional Hotels (Boutique Hotels)

 In addition to the Modern Iran Hotels which are considered as the major type, another extraordinary awesome and interesting type of hotels are also existing known as the Traditional Hotels. This specific type of Iran Hotels is including some historical and traditional houses in the historical cities of Iran which has been founded based on the original Persian architecture method being possessed by the some of the most highlighted dynasties within the history of Iran. Locating in Shiraz, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd and Mahan (beside Kerman); the traditional hotels of Iran are mainly classified as 3 star to 5 star hotels while providing really unique experience to the whole history and persian architecture lovers.

The whole structure of this specific type of hotels is totally traditional, just like historical Iranian houses with unique decorations by the colorful glasses, mirrors and specific construction method.


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