Known as the most important western city of Iran, Kermanshah is the provincial capital of a province by the same name. The city is considered as an Iranian historical and cultural center which has been always played an effective key-rule within different dynasties. The city of Kermanshah possesses an entirely pleasant moderate mountainous climate; this is why it’s been one of the most cities through the Sassanid dynasty so specific and through the other ages as well.

Kermanshah Through History

The more to search among the documents of pre-history age, the more to recognize geographical and natural importance of Kermanshah, where was home to many natural shelters and caves. The oldest historical evidences of Kermanshah dates back to Stone-Age, when the first humans have decided not to live inside the caves anymore, Regards to increase of earth’s temperature. Historians do believe that, Kermanshah has a shining history of 8 to 12 thousand years of shining historical record. It was one of the most important regions within the Asia, where has been always occupied by the people who lived there.

Kermanshah has been so strategical location of Iran within Safavid dynasty, because of it’s vicinity to the borders of Osmani Empire. As the next dynasty who has considered the city of Kermanshah so important, Qajar is notable.through Qajar dynasty Kermanshah was chosen as the center of Iranian Kurdish region.

What to explore?

Numerous historical monuments which are indicating to a significant historical identity, in addition to an awesome nature home to many breathtaking scenes of western part of Iran can be considered as the main attractions to be explored within Kermanshah.

Not that far away from historical aspects of this ancient western Iranian city, people’s cultural can be an extraordinary feature of Kermanshah, beside the unique cuisine methods, exclusive nomadic tribes and many rare customs and believes among Kurd people.

How to get in/around?

Kermanshah has an international airport which is welcoming to many daily flights from the other main Iranian cities, in addition to the direct flights of Turkish Airlines from Istanbul. This western Iranian is also accessible by the national train of Iran which connects Kermanshah to Tehran. As another way to reach, the road trips by private cars or public buses can be offered.

In order to move through the main attractions inside the city of Kermanshah, public buses and taxis are available, while “Omidan Travel” is honored to provide you with some specially private services with different types of cars.

Taq Bostan

As one of the most highlighted historical sights of western Iran to visit, Taq Bostan is a valuable collection of inscriptions which are dating back to Sassanid dynasty. These huge tablets are covered with some texts with special ancient languages in addition to some excavated scenes whic belongs to the most important occurrences of that age.


Specific types of local sweets

Leather art work

Carpet Weaving

Kilim art work

Special type of traditional shoes (Giveh)