The provincial capital of East Azerbaijan province of Iran is known as the city of Tabriz one of the historical centers of the extended lovely country of Iran. Tabriz is located within a most north-western part of Iran which is believed to possess more than 4,500 years of shining historical records. As one of the most highlighted Iranian cities in terms of geographical location and it’s vicinity to the borders of Iran with Turkey and the republic of Azerbaijan, Tabriz is a worthy Iranian city which is located on the main  important trade route to of Iran.

Tabriz’s Climate is described as an entirely continental climate which is equal to severely cold winters with low humidity level. As another components of the climate in Tabriz, rain and snow falls are fully considered.

Tabriz Through History

 Tabriz’s history is equivalent to different down and falls within various dynasties and kingdoms. The more to seek among historical records, the more to recognize the importance of Tabriz. Although the majority of historical monuments of Tabriz are mainly belonging to Parthian and Sassanid dynasty period, but many historians do believe that the city of Tabriz is more and more older than belonging to these two dynasties. This marvelous city has been totally destroyed within different ages and restored totally, this is why no more pre-historic monuments are no available here in Tabriz. As one of the most reliable sources which contains documents of Iran History, Iran History Book of Cambridge University has indicated that the most probable date of Tabriz foundation dates back to Sassanid dynasty.

Tabriz is considered as the cradle of historical, cultural and industrial alterations which has played a key-rule in Iran’s most highlighted revolutions within last two decades.

What to Explore? 

As explained before, Tabriz is a major historical city of Iran which is home to some of the most highlighted cultural, ancient and traditional ancients of Iran within the whole history of the former territory of the Persians, Iran,.

As the main element of tourism attractions in Tabriz, it’s highly recommended to visit the most highlighted historical sites in addition to the museums. In addition to the old structure of Tabriz, it is located in the vicinity of the oddest village all over the world. Located in an entirely mountainous region, there is a special city which is named Kandovan. The whole structure of the city have been engraved from the cliffs of the mountain. It may seem so know superb for you to know that the residences of the city are living through the houses which have been engraved from the cliffs. The city is also embracing the only cliff hotel all around the world.

Tabriz is located within an entirely rare natural zone of Iran. The evergreen lush forests of Arasbaran is one of the most highlighted natural attraction located in the vicinity of Tabriz.

How to Get Around?

As one of the most advanced metropolises of Iran, Tabriz has some really firm infrastructures of tourism, specially in terms of transportations. The city is providing public buses and taxis which are so safe to be used by the travelers, in addition “Omidan Travel” is honored to provide you private transfers and city tour by a wide range of cars from normal sedan cars to the VIP buses.

Blue Mosque

As one of the most highlighted historical mosques of Tabriz which belongs to Kara Koyunlu dynasty, the Blue Mosque of Tabriz had been founded within this specific era, when the city has been chosen as the capital city of the country, by the order of Jahan Shah king.

This valuable historical mosque in Tabriz has been destroyed mostly within the severe earthquake which has happed at 1780, unfortunately the main dome of the mosque which was truly considered as a masterpiece of art and architecture destroyed totally.

Azerbaijan Museum

Located in the vicinity of the blue mosque, Azerbaijan Museum is where to find some of the most highlighted components of Tabriz historical identity. It has three halls which serves as the home of important relics of Tabriz’s history including artifacts identified with the Hasanlu, the city which dates back to the Iron Age. Also notable among the exhibits of the museum are the sculptures of Ahad Hossein, which are said to depict life and war.

Tabriz Traditional Bazaar

Known as the greatest and the most important historical covered bazaar, not only for Iran but also for the Asia continent, Tabriz grand bazaar is highly considered. This marvelous historical bazaar which has been inscribed by UNESCO as an entirely valuable World Heritage Site, is constructed with an extent of 1000 square meters consisting of different parts including small shops and caravanserai. Tabriz was located on the main trade route of Silk Road, this is why it has been always an important trade center of the north-western parts of Iran.

Kandovan village

Kandovan Village is a small settlement, with each troglodyte house carved into the side of a cliff. About a hundred households continue to make this village their home. Kandovan Village is about an hour away from Tabriz by car. It is recommended to visit the village during winter, because the snow adds a romantic touch to the village’s appearance.

ElGoli Park

Elgoli Park, also known as El Goli or the National Park and formerly called Shah Goli Park, is the favorite of Iranian families who want to find an open place where they can relax. At the center of the grounds is a small artificial lake, in the middle of which is a Qajar-era palace. Visitors can bring a picnic basket with them so they can enjoy an outdoor meal while here. Alternatively, they can buy food from one of the restaurants and cafes by the lake. The popularity of the park is such that it sees human traffic almost all throughout the day. There are even those who choose to have an overnight stay there, setting up tents so they can spend the night there.








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