Known as the cradle of historical and ancient rare monuments, Kerman is where some of the oldest civilizations of the former territory of Persians have been formed here. The city of Kerman is the provincial capital of an Iranian south-eastern province by the same name, where is considered as a major touristic destination of Iran deserved to be settled through your awesome travel itinerary in Iran. By locating in the vicinity of the unique “Lut Desert”, which is considered as one of the most thrilling deserts all over the world and also the hottest spot as well, Kerman is  possessing an awesome tourism feature in terms of desert excursions like trekking and safari through this mysterious rare desert.

Kerman Through History

 As one of the oldest cities of Iran which has been considered as one of the most highlighted trade centers of the south-eastern parts of Iran, Kerman is believed to be founded within the 3rd Century AD, through the Sassanid dynasty, by one the most powerful kings of this dynasty and also the founder of the kingdom, Ardeshir I. The city of Kerman is located in a specific region of Iran’s territory which isn’t that accustomed with peace and calm atmosphere. It’s been always one of the main centers of regional challenges as it is so close the borders of Iran in South-Eastern part.

Based on what has been mentioned before, Kerman was located on a main trade route of Iran, this is why it is embracing many awesome historical caravanserai within different parts, whether within the city or through the regions in the vicinity.

Kerman Tourism Foundations

Although Kerman is one of the most popular tourism destinations of Iran, it has maintained it’s specific historical identity through the recent developments of tourism infrastructures. Kerman is home to many awesome historical houses which are now being used as awesome traditional hotels. In addition the city is possessing some modern hotels which are so high quality in kind.

 Kerman transportation system is also providing services through a wide range of variety from normal sedan cars to the VIP and luxurious grand transportation facilities. As one of the main tourism service providers which is so active and reliable in Kerman province, Omidan Travel is honored to provide you with lots of awesome services.

In addition to the accommodation and transportation services, Kerman is home to many well-trained local tour guides who are specifically expert to guide both for historical sites and eco tourism within the deserts. As a common slogan among all, Local tour guides of kerman are claiming “ We Speak Your Language”. For the whole non-english speakers, kerman is where not to be worried about communication as it’s not that hard to find some local guide who is speaking french, spanish , italian and ect.

What to explore?

To be possessed an entirely universal fame formed by the rare historical sites inside this marvelous city, Kerman is home to some ancient monuments and some wealthy UNESCO World Heritages which have added more uniqueness to the tourism identity of this Iranian tourism destination.

The largest brick-made citadel all over the world, the unique persian qanat and the awesome persian garden are considered as some of the most highlighted attractive sides of Kerman. In addition, kerman seems a wonderland to the whole ones who are interested in trekking, safari and any types of desert excursion.

How to Get Around?

The cheapest way to be transferred through the city of Kashan and the other destinations in the vicinity is to use local normal cars available as the public taxis and buses. If you’re looking for a more private service, Omidan Travel is honored to provide you with the most comfortable and rare transportation services inside Kerman and the other destinations located in the vicinity.

Shazdeh Garden

As an undeniably awesome and valuable UNESCO inscribe World Heritage of Iran located in the vicinity of Kerman, Shazdeh Garden is one of the 8th Persian Gardens of Iran and is considered as one of the main tourism attractions of this specific region. By locating among the great former trade route of Silk Road, Shazdeh Garden has been designed in a way to seem as glorious as possible. This rare garden is consisting of different parts such which has designed within an entirely Persian style by different pools and flower decorations.

Ganjali Khan Complex

Located within the central part of Kerman in the vicinity of the ancient Bazaar of the city, Ganjali Khan complex is one of the most highlighted tourism attractions of Iran possessing an extended number of awesome sites including, Square, Bazaar, Mosque, Bath and one of the most highlighted Mints of the country through the ancient ages. As an awesome historical site founded by the Isfahani method of architecture, Ganjali khan is now welcoming to an extensive number of travelers every year, whether Iranian tourists or the international ones.

Shahdad Desert

The most incredible desert of Iran which is also deserved to be considered as one of the most unique deserts all over the world, is known as Shahdad desert located within the western edge of Lut Desert. Shahdad possesses an undeniable rare geological significance in a way to be known as the exhibition of odd natural structures within an extremely mysterious desert of Iran.

The eastern part of Shahdad desert is home to those odd geological occurrences which are known as “the city of Kalouts”. Many historians do believe that the city of Kalouts have thousand of years in historical records, while the excavations have demonstrated the evidences of a 4,000 year civilization in this region.

Bam Citadel

Located within an entirely deserted environment on the southern part of Iranian plateau, Bam Citadel is shining like a brilliant jewel as the world’s largest brick-made structure. This rare Persian citadel is believed to date back to the Achaemenid dynasty ruling ages. The more to seek among historical evidences, the more to recognize the undeniable importance of Bam citadel within the former Silk Road; as it has been where to rest or to do any desired trade activities. Although the citadel is located within an entirely deserted circumstance, it was considered as an awesome location to live or to do any trades; this is why the whole citadel had been fed by the ancient water canals known as Qanat.

Carpet Weaving

Kilim and Jajim Weaving

Wooden Mosaic

Copper Dishes

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