Yazd is a great evidence to demonstrate the significance of the most highlighted and glorious historical heritages of Iran within different historical and ancient eras. As the provincial capital of Yazd province, the city of yazd is one of the most highlighted tourism destinations in Iran, specially for those who are seeking for the rare Iran’s history, the unique and old architecture, specific cultural aspects and etc. Located on the former trade route, Silk Road, Yazd possesses a great location as it is in the vicinity of the other most highlighted destinations of Iran including, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kerman and Kashan. As one of the only multi-religion cities of Iran, Yazd is home to the muslims, the majority of the population, in addition to the Zoroastrians who are mainly living in the older parts of the city; this is why Yazd is embracing many masterpieces of the Islamic art in addition to the Zoroastrians’ fire temples and the other types of monuments in this category. With no doubt, Yazd is well-deserved to be a part of your itinerary within the lovely Iran. In order to explore it so comprehensive, maximum three days will be sufficient in order to experience an entirely awesome excursion inside yazd and some of the regions in the vicinity.

Yazd Through History

Although it’s so hard to recognize the first signs of Yazd’s formation within the past shining historical records of Iran, but it’s almost belonging to the Sassanid dynasty while the archaeologists have found some evidences of a 3000 year civilization in this region. The first foundations of Yazd have been settled by one of the most powerful kings of Sassanid dynasty , namely Yazd Gerd I, within a totally deserted and arid region located in the central part of Iran plateau. The more to search among historical evidences, the more to recognize the key rule of Yazd in different eras, while the main archeological developments , including the foundation of city’s structures, have been formed and built in Safavid era. In the following age, Qajar Dynasty, Yazd was a trade center in the deserted region of Iran, this is why it has had a great significance at that age.

Yazd Tourism Foundations

However Yazd is an entirely historical and ancient city of Iran, it is possessing many rich tourism foundations, specially in terms of accommodation and transportations. Yazd is a rich source of amazing historical houses or the ancient caravanserai which are now being used as the historical hotels as well. In addition to this specific type of hotels, Yazd has many great modern hotels which have been classified from cheap 1 stars to the high quality 5 star ones. The city is embracing many great persian restaurants within different parts of the city; whether you’re vegetarian/ vegan or a meat eater, Yazd will be a great destination for you to enjoy more of your Iran trip in this historical city.

What To Explore

Yazd is known to be the home of rare historical and ancient monuments both in Islamic & Zoroastrian context; so it is truly expected to visit some historical mosques, fire temples and etc. As the most highlighted attraction of Yazd which has been inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, the old town of yazd shines like an extraordinary valuable gem. The old town is embracing the whole rare historical structures of the city which have been maintained so flawless. One of the most well-known structures of the old town in Yazd is the wind catchers , in persian known as BadGir, which are considered as the masterpieces of architecture.In addition, Yazd is home to the Zoroastrians’ fire temples, located in historical part of the city; these fire temples are still being used and respected by Zoroastrians in Yazd after these thousands of years.

How to get around

The provincial capital of Yazd provinces, the Yazd city, possesses an entirely historical structure, it means that the majority of sites are located together or in the vicinity of each other. Public taxis and buses are available here in Yazd but there is no subway in the city.

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Masjed-e Jame

Yazd Jame mosque, in Farsi Masjed-e Jame, is a super splendid Islamic monument located inside the old town of Yazd; it is visible from all around the old town region. The mosque has been constructed within an entirely Iranian-Islamic architecture method while it is decorated with the finest blue-mosaic tile works. Jame mosque of Yazd has the tallest minarets among the whole mosques in Iran, in addition to some unique and particular inscriptions of the grand iwan.

Old Town of Yazd

Inscribed as a valuable World Heritage Site by UNESCO at 2017 , the old town of yazd is an entirely well-preserved ancient region which is still inhabited. Every single part of the old town is a true representative of the shining ancient architectural method of the former Iran, the PERSIA,. Constructed totally by the yellow and brown brick and clay, the old town will provide you an entirely exclusive experience while walking through it’s tiny streets or while communicating with local people. There is no tall building or structure here in the old town, this is why an awesome view of the whole city will be available just from the rooftop of each house.


 Amir Chakhmaq Complex

Located in the heart of the city of Yazd within a square by the same name, Amir Chakhmaq Complex is considered as the architectural center piece of Yazd. The complex is embracing a three-stage facade consisting of some beautiful symmetrical Iwans which shine bright after the sunset; this is why many visitors prefer to visit the city over the sunset. Dating back to the 15th century, Amir Chakhmaq Complex is one of the most historical religious halls Iran , known as Hosseynieh, which is still being used as a religious gathering place for the muslims.

Zoroastrian Fire Temple

As an entirely awesome religious and holy place for Zoroastrians, the fire temple of Yazd, known as Atashkadeh in Farsi, is one of the most highlighted fire temples all around the country which still being used and respected by the Zoroastrian residences of Yazd. It is containing a central fire which has continuously been burning since the 5th century A.D.


 Tower of Silence

 Another ominous-sounding Zoroastrian site belonging to the city of Yazd is the Tower of Silence which is located outside the city, but it’s highly recommended to be seen. The site is located just in the depth an entirely deserted and arid region while it has been used for putting the dead bodies of the people . Based on Zoroastrians’ beliefs, the dead body will pollute the earth’s soil, one of the key-holy elements of the Zoroastrianism; this why they have put the dead bodies of the people at the top of the tower of silence in order to be eaten by the birds and the other animals; at the end some one was responsible to collect the remained bones to be buried.

DowlatAbad Garden

Embracing a bulky amount of tall and giant trees, fountains and an entirely pleasant historical- cultural atmosphere, DowlatAbad Garden is an entirely exclusively rare member of Persian Gardens in Iran located in the city of Yazd. The Garden has been founded at 18th-century by an entirely Iranian-Islamic architectural method offering a totally pleasant and peaceful atmosphere to the visitors. The main structural component of the garden is a 33 meter wind-catcher , known as BadGir, in Farsi, which can be seen from the whole parts of this marvelous site.


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