Food has always been a component of travel but it is only recently that it has been truly recognized for the significant role it plays in the overall experience of a destination.  Today’s tourist is better informed, more cultured, well-travelled and looking for new experiences.  Food offers a gateway into other cultures, through taste, through food preparation and the whole eating environment.  Food and drink provide lasting memories that define a holiday or travel experience.

For many travelers when booking a holiday, the destination image alone is no longer a key element, as food is also now a significant part in this decision making process when tourists are choosing a destination. Furthermore, there are tourists who travel to a destination purely because of the food, likewise there are other tourists who do not have food as their main reasons for travel but who are key foodies, and who will seek out authentic food and base on their judgement of the destination upon that food.

Food diversity of every region is really interesting and sometimes become the main reason of traveling to a specific region. This diversity of food can be observed very often in Iran and according to geographical factors of each district in Iran, there exist many different types of local dishes and specialties which you will surely enjoy trying them. Actually the various climates in Iran has brought with it a variety of culinary dishes.

Apart from the local dishes, there are many fast-foods and international restaurants in each Iranian city. A very important point you should be informed about is that based on the religious beliefs of Iranian no pork is used in their dishes and it is forbidden. Different kinds of fish, chicken and meat are used in Iranian dishes. Alcoholic drinks are also illegal and they are not sold but you can find all types of non-alcoholic drinks everywhere very easily. Doogh and herbal sharbats are two kinds of local and delicious beverages which are suggested to be tasted certainly.

Omidan Travel is one of the only tour operators which is providing some rare culinary tours which will provide the opportunity to taste different local foods within different parts of the country.