Iran is where you can find the persian conservative traditions with bits of modern flair, in addition to the islamic rules regards to the society values, rules and regulations, specifically about the dress code and how to wear clothes while being in public. As a common fact about the majority of travelers who have decided to travel to Iran, having no clue of what to pack can be mentioned. Iran is where will surprise you by the unbelievably extended variety of climates and geographical regions, this is why “Omidan Travel” is going to clarify everything in this regard.

Severely counting on the geographical location of the attractions you’ve planned to go, you can pick special clothes. In addition, Iran is a real four season which has warm summers, pretty cool autumns, cold and freezing winters and really pleasant springs with moderate weather, So seasons in Iran  will the factor which will affect the way you should wear clothes.

As a vast country, different geographical parts of Iran has different climates, however they’re also so affected by the season as well. The northern parts of Iran from east to west in addition to the western parts of the country are so mountainous with cold weather while the southern parts of the country ,located in the vicinity of the Persian Gulf, are so warm and humid. The central parts of Iran, where the majority of cultural and historical attractions are located, are semi-arid and warm partially, so the geographical locations in Iran are also really important.

What to wear in Iran

Obeying and respecting the islamic rules and the Iranian society values, Iranian women and the guests/ travelers should always wear a long coat/tunic over the regular clothes while they are required to cover the head with a scarf. Not only the men but also the women should wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts too. Although these are the rules and regulations, Iranian society is so welcoming to the travelers/guests and there is no worries to face any problems in case your scarf falls down accidentally.

As one of the most tangible elements of the Iranian society regards to the clothes to wear, colorful and attractive clothes are strongly mentioned. So there is no barrier for the colorful clothes. Pick the whole colorful clothes you do like to wear and enjoy.