More than 2500 years of shining historical record, 22 UNESCO World Heritage sites, Amazing cultural aspects ,Unique persian art & architecture, Unbelievably rare hospitality and welcoming people, Breathtaking wide range of natural features (from the hottest point of the earth which is located in Iran, to one of the highest mountain by 5,600 meters height; from the evergreen forests within the northern parts to the sandy beaches within the southern parts of the country),   High quality services with really affordable prices and many other facts about Iran are some of  the reasons which will help you to overcome all of your doubts, not to wait anymore and plan for your memorable travel to Iran.

 Although it’s not possible to describe the whole Iran beauties and attractions within single article, but “Omidan Travel” is going to provide you with some evidences of why not to miss Iran, if you’re thinking about a totally different travel and a really unique experience.


  1. Amazing History

As one of the most ancient countries all around the world, Iran is honored of an undeniable shining historical record which is also considered as the main reason of why to travel and visit this wonderful country. Known as the former territory of Persians which is one of the oldest civilizations of the world, Iran is embracing many wealthy monuments, sites and attractions which are belonging to different historical eras of Iran with the past 2500 years.

Inscribed attractions as UNESCO World Heritages are another really highlighted historical feature of Iran. This country is embracing 22 registered sites spread out within different parts indicating to the glory of the former Persia.

  1. Iran is safe to travel 

As many former travelers mentioned Iran as the one of the safest countries they’ve ever visited or much more safer than traveling in Europe; Iran is where you’ll feel a tangible peace and safety within the whole parts of the country. The more to explore the extended country of Iran, the more you’ll feel a great friendly atmosphere through the whole parts; no matter you’re traveling within a group or by yourself, no matter what’s your nationality or sex. Iran is the most safe country of the Middle-East , where the whole parts of the country are so accustomed with how to treat the travelers within the best possible method in order to form a great experience.

  1. Nature

It seems so rare to find a destination which is providing a chance to the travelers by experiencing an entirely great and equipped ski resort, while being able to do trekking or safari in one the most beautiful deserts of the world formed by odd geological phenomenons. Iran is a wonder land which is possessing totally rare natural features which will provide unforgettable moments during the trip. The northern part of Iran, located in the vicinity of the Caspian Sea, is covered by the ever green forests which are home to many unique flora and fauna with a really cool weather, while the southern parts of the country is embracing the sandy beaches with pleasant warm and humid weather.

  1. Affordable prices

Counting on the exchange fluctuations of Iranian currency, Iran is a really affordable destination for the whole travelers specially those who are from the western countries like European and Americans. Iran’s tourism industry has become more and more advanced through the past few years in order to be able to provide the travelers with the appropriate services; so, the tourism foundations has become so great in Iran. Although the prices are so affordable, the quality is so pleasant and awesome which will let you enjoy more of your travel.


  1. To break the stereotypes

To choose Iran as a destination to visit, to break the whole travel stereotypes!

Iran, a new trending destination, is where embraces an unbelievably wide range of attractions which are totally different from what you’ve experienced through your former trips. By visiting Iran, two statements are considered : “I am my own person” and “ I will inform myself about the world”. Iran has been demonized for decades, but nearly all people who travel there come home with their stereotypes shattered, replaced by fond memories of gracious hosts and unforgettable landscapes.

If you’ve enough informed about the highlights of traveling to the wonderful Iran, just let “Omidan Travel” consultants know your requirements.

An extremely amazing trip is waiting for you to come and explore as soon as possible.